Replacement Wing Set for Element 2m


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Top quality crafted replacement wing set for the Element 2 Windy

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R 3,679.08 tax excl.


R 3,999.00 tax excl.

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Yes, REPLACEMENT WING SETS! – Here is your chance! Croatia will kindly allow us to order replacement wing sets for the Element 2.

These wings are exceptionally well crafted and covered. If you want to own a set of high quality, 2 meter wings for your home build, send me an email now. Distance between mounting holes is exactly 80mm.

You may even have your custom choice of covering , how awesome is that!! Let us know which style when you order.

Order while you can, not many companies offer replacement wing sets...

CLM Pro has released a new model called Element 2, of a wingspan up to 2m. Due to its aerodynamic design and excellent performance, it is very stable and is a joy to fly. The model is constructed using full-carbon parts, so the strength - mass ratio is ideal. It is also very light, giving it amazing characteristics when sailing.

It features a reinforced mainspar and stronger D-box which is made with stronger carbon.

Since it is so light with excellent performance, Element 2 is designed for flying in the F5J category and other competitions where you need to stand out when there is little or low thermals.

It is the same as with recreational flying: it will guarantee a great flight day and great fun.


The wing is constructed so that the centerpanel is straight, while the mid and tip panels are angled, which gives the model good stability and easy handling during flight.

The centerpanel is a single segment, and the mid panel is another which are joined with carbon joiners and have pre-prepared pins so that everything fits together perfectly.

The wings are built with full balsa ribs and everything else out of carbon.

For the carbon D-Box a 3K hybrid material of highest quality is used. The main spar is made of balsa, reinforced with carbon and covered with glass. Ultimately, it is wrapped in kevlar, giving it even greater strength combined with the carbon D-Box. The trailing edge is made of carbon, and there are carbon cap strips on the upper and lower side of the ribs, which gives greater stability and more strength to the whole construction. The flaps are on the whole surface of the centroplan and it has a built-in kevlar hinge. The wings and the tail are covered with high quality Oracover Oralight trasparent foil which weighs only 36g/m2.

Center panel


 3.20 oz

Tip panel X2


 1.9 oz

Carbon joiner


 0.2 oz

Servo cover


 0.12 oz



 0.16 oz

AUW approx. 218g


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Replacement Wing Set for Element 2m

Replacement Wing Set for Element 2m

Top quality crafted replacement wing set for the Element 2 Windy